DIY PVC Can Crusher Guide

Build your very own air powered can crusher, with supplies from your local hardware store. These plans show you how to build a pneumatic can crusher, without breaking the bank.


Common question

  1. Do I need an air compressor?

    Yes, you will need an air compressir to power the can crusher.

  2. Do I have to special order anything?

    NO, you do not have to special order anything, you can find everything you need at you local hardware store. Of course you may order the parts if you wish.

  3. Is the can crusher fast?

    Yes, the can crusher is quite fast! Just check out the videos, to see for your self.

  4. How many pages are included in the guide?

    The guide comes with 51 pages packes full of directions to build the can crusher.

  5. How many pictures come with the guide?

    The guide comes with 88 detailed pictures to help you get a good visual of what your building.

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